Travel with VRT

Bus Features
Most buses are equipped with lighted destination signs above the windshield and/or on the side of each bus. These signs contain either the name of the fixed route or the destination the bus is traveling to.

Buses are also equipped with bicycle racks. Passengers can secure their bicycles to the front of the bus before boarding.

Each bus is equiped with a 2-way radio. These radios allow the drivers to be in constant contact with the transit operations supervisors.

The VRT intermodal facility in Purcellville hosts a DMV select.

Passenger Courtesies for Virginia Regional Transit Buses

When using cell phones, please be considerate speak quietly when conversing with other passengers or when using a cell phone.

Headphones are encouraged for portable music and gaming devices.

No eating, drinking or food in open containers allowed on the buses.

No smoking allowed on the buses.

Carry-on items (groceries, laundry, packages, etc.) are limited to what passengers can bring on and take off the bus by themselves in one trip.

Posted times on the schedule indicate arrivals and departures and are subject to traffic conditions. We recommend being at the stop a few minutes early.

Lost and found personal items left on the bus will remain on the bus until the drivers shift ends, at this time the driver will turn the lost item into their VRT regional office. Lost items can be retrieved at the VRT regional office. For additional information please call 877-777-2708