Let’s Be Safe

  • When departing or approaching the bus please do not cross the street in front of any bus or step out suddenly in front of a bus.  Buses require more distance to stop than passenger vehicles.

  • At all times while riding, passengers must remain behind the white or yellow lines and may not stand in the stairwell.

  • If no seats are available, and it is standing room only, please maintain a secure grip on the provided standee bar, as the bus may come to an unexpected or sudden stop due to traffic conditions.

  • Seatbelts are available on all buses.

  • Mobility device passengers are welcome aboard all VRT buses and trolleys.  All are equipped with lifts/ramps and securement devices.  All mobility devices must be properly secured whenever they travel on a bus.  Drivers do not have discretion to permit mobility device passengers to ride unsecured.


On the Bus

  • Allow a few minutes for delays in scheduled arrival times, as traffic is unpredictable.

  • Please have EXACT fare ready when you board, drivers DO NOT carry change.

  • In case of inclement weather, routes will operate if possible.  In the case that it is not safely possible to operate please be patient and listen to local radio, television, social media, and website for updates and information.  You may contact your regional customer service telephone number for assistance.

  • Note bus stops that are “Call” and telephone to request service when using these stops.

  • Passengers choosing to transport a bicycle can secure it on the bike rack provided on each bus.  Please remember to return the bike rack to the secured position when you leave the bus.


Passenger Etiquette

  • Smoking, profanity, eating and drinking, or foods in open containers are prohibited on buses.  Violators will be asked to exit the bus and/or remove the prohibited item.

  • No Animals, except service animals, are permitted on the bus.

  • No standing in front of white or yellow line or in stairwells.

  • Shirts and Shoes are required for all passengers.

  • Drivers reserve the right to refuse service to anyone not observing regulation or whose behavior is hazardous to driver, passenger, or vehicular safety.

  • Carry-on items (groceries, laundry, packages, etc.) are limited to what passengers can bring on and take off the bus by themselves in one trip.  Packages cannot block isles and/or take up seating.

  • When using cell phones, please be considerate.  Speak quietly when conversing with other passengers or when using a cell phone.

  • Headphones are required for portable music and gaming devices.